Leslie Schoop, Ph.D (she/her)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Princeton University
Diploma in Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
Room: Frick 393
Phone: 609-258-9390
Email: lschoop@princeton.edu
Leslie received her training in Germany and the United States. She enjoyed the diversity of education philosophies. Thus, she is looking forward to working with students and postdocs from different backgrounds. When not conducting research, she likes to engage in outdoor activities and has fallen in love with the U.S. national parks.

Nagwan Ali (she/her)
Faculty Assistant
Room: Frick 389
Phone: 609-258-2330
Email: na3299@princeton.edu

Postdoctoral Associates

Fang Yuan, Ph.D. (she/her)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 354

Nitish Mathur, Ph.D. (he/him)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 391
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2021.Nitish’s current research focuses on the magnetic and optical property measurements of 2D van der Waals materials.

Grigorii Skorupskii, Ph.D. (he/him)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 391
B.Sc. Moscow State University, 2015
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021

Tanya Berry (she/her)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 391
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

Jiaze Xie(he/him)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 391
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Sigalit Aharon(she/her)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 391
Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Postdoctoral Researcher at Weizmann Institute of Science

Jaime Moya (he/him)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Frick 383
Ph.D. Rice University

Sixth Year Graduate Student

Tyger Salters (she/her)
Graduate Student
Frick 354
B.S. in Chemistry, Stony Brook University, 2018
Tyger’s current research focuses on the synthesis of new magnetic topological materials and their complex crystallography using synchrotron x-ray and neutron scattering techniques.

Fifth Year Graduate Students

Joseph Stiles
Graduate Student
Frick 354
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California

Grace Villalpando
Graduate Student
Frick 354
B.S. in Chemistry, Texas A&M University

Fourth Year Graduate Students

Brianna Hoff (she/her)
Graduate Student
Frick 354
B.S. from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Mulan Yang (she/they)
Graduate Student
Frick 354
B.S. in Chemistry at Northeastern University

Scott Lee (he/him)
Graduate Student
Frick 391
B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering, double major in Chemistry, University of Wisconsin ‚Äď Madison

Third Year Graduate Student

Connor Pollak (he/him)
Graduate Student
Frick 391
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley
Favorite Band: Stereolab

Favorite Song: The Flag is Raised – Bladee
Favorite Book: Siddhartha

Favorite Tree: Jeffrey Pine
Favorite Rock: Granite


Second Year Graduate Students

Fatmagul Katmer (she/her)
Graduate Student
Frick 391
B.S. in Chemistry, Bilkent University

Fun Fact: I love singing!!

Josh Leeman (he/him)
Graduate Student
Frick 354
B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Fun fact: I want to be able to speak five languages by the time I graduate

First Year Graduate Students

Gabrielle Carrel (she/her)
Graduate Student
Frick 383
B.S. in Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Fun fact: I love to rock climb!


Xin (Jason) Zhang (he/him)
Graduate Student
Frick 383
B.S./M.S.E in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Fun fact: I like cats and Kit Kats


Undergraduate Students

James G. Colagiuri (he/him)
Undergraduate Student

Chemistry Major, Class of 2024

William Cutinella (he/him)
Chemistry Major, Class of 2024
Cadet in Air Force ROTC
Vice President of Club Lacrosse

Zhiwen Wu (he/him)
Chemistry Major, Class of 2026

Post Doctoral Alumni

Ratnadwip Singha, Ph.D (he/him)

Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics Division, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, 2019.

Current Position: Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati, India

Email: rsingha@iitg.ac.in


Jason Khoury, Ph.D (he/him)

B.S. the Ohio State University, 2015

Ph.D. Northwestern University, 2020

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Arizona State University

Email: jason.khoury@asu.edu

Website: https://khourylab.com/

Milena Jovanovic, Ph.D (she/her)

B.S. University of Belgrade

Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder

Current Position: Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University

Email: mjovano@ncsu.edu

Website: https://jovanovicgroup.wordpress.ncsu.edu/

Kirstine Dalgaard, Ph.D (she/her)
M.Sc., Nanoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark
Ph.D., Nanoscience, Aarhus University, Denmark

Current Position: IT consultant at Netcompany, Denmark

Shiming Lei, Ph.D (he/him)

Doctoral work with Prof. Venkatraman Gopalan (Penn State University)

Current Position: Asst. Prof. at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Sebastian Klemenz, Dr. rer. nat. (he/him)

Doctoral work with Prof. Dr. Barbara Albert (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Current Position: Attract group leader, Fraunhofer research institution for materials recycling and resource strategies IWKS, Hanau, Germany


Graduate Student Alumni

Robert Kirby (he/him)

B.Sc. in Chemistry,  McGill University M.Sc. in Chemistry, the University of Toronto.

Xiaoyu Song (she/her)
B.Sc., Nanjing University, P.R. China.

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Columbia University

Email: xs2509@columbia.edu

Undergraduate Student Alumni

André Koch Liston (he/they)
Undergraduate Alumnus
Chemistry Major, Class of 2023
Certificates in Materials Science & Engineering and Optimization & Quantitative Decision Science

Sabrina Sequeira
Undergraduate Alumna
Chemistry Major, Class of 2021

Anna Soltys
Undergraduate Alumna
Chemistry Major, Class of 2021

Ethan Whittaker
Undergraduate Alumnus
Chemistry Major, Class of 2021

Sarah Schneider
Undergraduate Alumna
Chemistry Major, Class of 2020

Ashley Wilczek
Undergraduate Alumna
Princeton University
Chemistry Major, Class of 2019

Austin Ferrenti 
Undergraduate Alumnus, Researcher
Princeton University
Chemistry Major, Class of 2019

Ananya Vinayak
Visiting Undergrad Student, Summer 2019
Princeton University, Class of 2022

Visiting Scientists

Andreas Topp, Ph.D 2019
Visiting Graduate Student
M.Sc., Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Aurland Hay
Visiting Undergrad Student, Summer 2019
Graduate Student, UCSB
Wellesley College, Class of 2020

Audrey Saltzman
Visiting Undergrad Student, Summer 2019
MIT, Class of 2021

Mohamed Oudah
Visiting Postdoc Collaborator
Ph.D., Physics, Kyoto University, Japan
Mohamed discovered superconductivity in the hole-doped Antiperovskite Oxide Sr3-xSnO and studied the negative ionic state of Sn in this unusual oxide. The early part of his postdoc was focused on high-pressure synthesis of new topological phases. The focus has now shifted to identifying new topological materials within the square-net family of compounds. 

Caroline Weinberg
Visiting Undergraduate Student, Summer 2018
Williams College
Chemistry Major/Environmental Studies Minor, Class of 2019